How about getting Double of your Money invested in Gold

Buy 25 gms gold and Join "Double Saving Bhishi Plan"

Then Every month - Buy Gold of Rs. 500

After 12 months...

You Will Have Total Gold Of Rs 6,000

And Then We Give You ADDITIONAL Gold Of Another Rs 6,000

So You Get Total Rs. 12,000  Of Gold

Offer Dates 15 November To 30 November 2018

What if I want to purchase Less or More gold ?

If you have further queries, please ask in below form. Also you can book your purchase in the form below. Please note NO bookings will be accepted after 30 November 2018.

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Here I'm expressing my Intent of Purchase and Participation in The Diwali Double Saving Bhishi Plan. We can connect online before I visit the Showroom and take things further at our convenience.

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Dantale Saraf

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